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FireFox Gold was conceived from the recognition that Finland has a strong mining law and a long tradition of mining, yet remains underexplored for Gold.   The Company was tailor-built to bring together seasoned gold industry leadership and deep expertise in Finland exploration. 

FireFox’s vision is to balance financial and technical strengths to create a company with the maximum competitive advantage to make significant new gold discoveries. 

The technical operations are led by our in-country team with support from Magnus Minerals Ltd., a highly-successful private Finnish mineral prospect generator.  Together the group has more than one hundred years of combined local geological expertise, plus a deep understanding of the social, environmental and logistical needs of working in Finland.

The management and board of FireFox is comprised of contemporary leaders with a passion for innovation, teamwork and success.  Collectively, the group is accomplished in precious metals exploration & development, economics, capital markets, and the start-up and operation of public companies. 

The Origin of the FireFox name.

“Our goal was to choose a name that would evoke images of Finland and honour our commitment to working here. One of the most common visual associations with Finland is the spectacular Aurora Borealis. There is a folk tale in Finland that the Arctic Fox created the aurora by running so quickly through the northern snow that his tail makes sparks, which rise into the heavens and are seen as the Aurora. The Finnish word for the northern lights is “revontuli” which translates to fox’s fire.”

Carl Löfberg, President, CEO and Director of FireFox Gold